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No-Gi Jiu Jitsu

Continuing the No-Gi theme here is an Eddie Bravo instructional video explaining the basics of his vaunted Rubber Guard. The sound is not quite synchronised with the video, but it does the job. If you want a perfect version, I would recommend buying his instructional dvd, Mastering the Rubber Guard (which has plenty more random no BJJ stuff in it). He also has numerous books that, but I’m sure you know how to google, so go find them, because he is the most creative BJJ instructor around. Head Movement is an advocate of creativity in martial arts and it is always important to keep an open mind. Some of the things your instructor may tell you, may be wrong or impractical. Additionally, they may bag on styles they don’t understand or practice themselves. I’m not saying I necessarily know any better, but after training in various disciplines under various instructors (some good ones) I have found that what I have been told is not always true.

After the jump, a short video talking about Eddie’s 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu style, which has recently become more and more used in grappling competitions and MMA. Continue reading


Here is a pretty dope instructional video from the Tobikan Judan on how to execute some effective Judo throws without the Gi. I am no Judoka myself, but I’ve found that after watching this video I was able to use a couple of throws against other non-Judokas pretty easily. If you practice Judo already, then you’ll find Aoki demonstrates some tweaks to your technique to allow you to use this in No-Gi or MMA competition. Check it out, it’s subtitled but worth going over a few times.