Wow. If you follow K-1 MAX then you will already know about this guy. He was the 2009 K-1 Max GP champion and throughout his path to victory he displayed some of the most beautifully, technical kickboxing I’ve ever seen. I’ve been catching up on all the K-1 Final 16 action and amongst the great brawls ┬álike Zambidis vs Chahid (Part 1 and Part 2), knockouts (Overeem vs Edwards), ┬áthose with a bit of both (Gago Drago vs Su Hwan Lee) and brilliant displays of combination striking (Gokhan Saki vs Freddy Kemayo) there was Petrosyan’s balletic performance against Hurkou.

It’s incredible to watch this master of defence. He checks most every kick thrown at him and moves so perfectly away from oncoming strikes to land beautiful counters. If you want to watch striking perfection watch the video below