(Pic Props: Edgat via MMATKO)

Damn! Heard about this on Sunday but wanted more info. Turns out Chael Sonnen tested positive (not for G-A-M-E) but for PEDs before his fight with Anderson Silva. What’s weird about this story is that he admitted it before the test! CSAC (the California State Athletic Commission) let him fight anyway, which is ridiculous. Surely this means the rematch on the New Year’s card is off and everyone should thank Anderson Silva for saving the UFC from having a roided champ. Chael had no medical reason to take these “natural” steroids and CSAC really should have called off the fight. It’s crazy CSAC let it go on when PEDs give one a competitive advantage that is dangerous to the opponent. I guess Chael rocking Silva in the first round is less shocking considering the power advantage PEDs would give him. This story gives me more respect for Anderson’s granite chin, which seems under-appreciated because he gets hit so little.

Was it in the UFC’s interest the fight went on? I know they didn’t know about it and would probably have cancelled it if they had, but imagine the fall out from losing the main event on what was a relatively stacked card with little name value. Likewise, Silva got his pay day and a career defining comeback victory in a dramatic fight that shocked the MMA world.

Pic props: Lookoutawhale (his take on Chael’s crazy denial of his Lance Armstrong comment)