Well there you go. The war on drugs is retarded because it seems to ignore outright any benefits from any of these banned substances. Most of them are banned for political reasons in the first place when some truly are help people learn and grow healthily. Mushrooms don’t always lead to some guy jumping off a bridge, and in those cases there are a lot of other reasons it happened, the mushrooms may have just accentuated some serious underlying mental problems. Now it seems scientists have found that the active ingredient (what makes you trip) in magic mushrooms, psilocybin, can actually help with depression and anxiety. Of course, more studies should be done (and would have to) before this becomes a treatment but these are promising results.

The patients (all with life-ending cancer) found that using psilocybin helped their perspective on their situation and made them feel closer to their family and friends. This effect seems relatively universal for recreational users, who can find it accelerates their growth as a human being and strengthens bonds. The FDA has apparently only approved very few studies using hallucinogens since the 1990s, but this should help break down the ridiculous “fingers-in-the-ears”, “la la la la” approach politicians and the general public have towards certain drugs.